InDesign Advertisement Assignment 1

MR_assignment_1_Alyson Lion_1.jpg



MR_assignment_1_Alyson Lion_2



MR_assignment_1_Alyson Lion_3


While completing my initial sketches, the importance of using a layout structure became clear. To create a visually organized layout, I found that having the header, sub header and text to relate to each other – starting or ending in the same place – was important to the overall appearance of the advertisement. The grid allowed the information to be clear and easily followed by the viewer.

The grid system made structuring the advertisement for efficient as you could easily decide where to place a title using the rule of thirds and you don’t have to fiddle with “feeling” if it looks right. I also imagine when creating large, collaborative pieces like a magazine or book, where you would want consistency with the layout – it would make it far easier to collaborate with your colleges.

The versatility of the grid system allows the designer to maintain a sense of order while structuring the page along with the creative freedom to change essentially everything while easily aligning text and images.


  • Ad1:
    • Header and Subheader -Alternate Gothic downloaded from adobe fonts -36pt and 21pt
    • Body – Mr Eaves Mod OT-12pt
  • Ad2:
    • Header and Subheader – Fairplex Narrow OT -48pts and 24pt
    • Body -Mr Eaves Mod OT-12pt
  • Ad3:
    • Header and Subheader – EloquentJFSmallCapsPro 39pt -18pt

    • Body -Mr Eaves Mod OT-12pt

Thank you for reading!


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