InDesign Assignment Two: Magazine Spread

For Web Assignment 2

Canfar was established in 1987 as the Canadian Foundation for AIDS research. It is the only national charitable foundation that raises awareness and generates funds for research into all aspects of HIV and AIDS. (Canfar Website)

The purpose of the advertisement was to bring awareness of the Canfar mission, research initiatives and volunteer opportunities. The magazine spread was designed to attract the attention of individuals in there 30s with a disposable income who could donate to the cause and retirees who may have be able to volunteer. With an uncluttered, clean layout with a limited color pallet, I hoped to attract readers.

I used an 8 by 8’’ grid and to encourage readability, the text is positioned into four columns. Approximately, one paragraph is on the first page to catch the readers. They are invited to continue the article on page two. Visuals to like the text are the drop caps and the use of Minion Pro size 10 font. The headers and sub-headers are expressed in Helvetica invoking feelings of trust, reliability and rationality.

The only image on the spread has a vertical orientation with hands outstretched from the far left of the page. It may be interpreted as people reaching out for help as volunteers of those who rely on Canfar for support.

I used the rule of thirds to position the Canfar logo.

Thanks for reading!


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