Corporate Identity Final Project


The Yoga House was based off the company Moksha Yoga that originated in Toronto, Canada. It is a chain yoga studio, which offers hot yoga classes for people of all skill levels. The discipline follows a set series of poses as a framework that is a bit more flexible than competitors like Bikram. It allows changes in sequencing and different class types and timelines.

Visual Analysis:

The Yoga House embodies the ideal of inclusive yoga that may be practiced by people of all skill levels. For the purpose of this assignment, I used the abstracted form of a house to visually represent the company. The house is the quintessential embodiment of   structure and security, which is at the heart of company’s core values. The Yoga House’s strives to provide a structured yoga practice in a secure environment with knowledgeable instructors.

The left-side tilt of the house indicates a fun and nonchalance atmosphere in which people may feel relaxed and comfortable as themselves.  The red colour of the logo indicates heat, power and determination, which are key to a successful Yoga practice at The Yoga House.

The text used for the logo is the san-serif font futura. “The” is smaller to bring greater visual awareness to “Yoga House”. The geometric font indicates trust, formality and structure and logic.

The target audience for the logo is young (25 years) to middle age professionals, both men and women with a desire to improve their health and wellness. The minimalist, almost corporate tone of the logo sets it apart from competitors that may focus on the spiritual/meditative components of Yoga. The logo makes clear that this is a place to practice in a welcoming environment with a focus on the physical and mental aspects of yoga.

Skills I Learned:

I have never created a logo and it was an experience for me. I enjoyed researching the company but it took me some time to discover how to incorporate all that the company is into a single image. After completing a number of sketches, it was incredibly helpful to have feedback both from Mark and the class.

The printing process was a bit daunting and only completely understood it the second time it was discussed in class. Though I now feel completely comfortable in creating a logo that is B&W, Greyscale, CMYK and SPOT. I also now understand how to go through the distilling, colour proofing and preflight.




Business Card




AI Drawings: 


Things I would do differently:

I put some of the spray adhesive on the outside of presentation folder. I thought it was a gloss spray adhesive.

I would like to create my own font for the logo

I would change the back of the presentation folder to include a larger or different shape for on the white area.

I would cut out a small v in the presentation fold. I didn’t do this.


When printing my stationary, the printer shrunk the size of the document. How might I correct this?


2 thoughts on “Corporate Identity Final Project

  1. Alyson, I’m glad to hear that you learned a lot from this process and that you’re feeling more confident in your ability to execute the prepress process. You may want to print all your pieces on 11×17/tabloid and then trim your document down to its final size. You can add crop marks from the print menu to help you trim this. After looking at this again, I might try aligning the text under the logo with the Y in Yoga House instead of leafy aligning the entire block of text. Just a thought. 🤔

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